Special Report: The AI Revolution, A Wild 2023 | Newsletter #54 | January – April 2023

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April 2023

• AWS Will Sell Access to Multiple LLMs Through a New Service Called ‘Amazon Bedrock’

• Databrick Releases an Improved Open Source LLM Licensed For Reuse and Commercial Use

• The AI Apps Associated Themselves with ChatGPT Generated Hefty Revenue

• Cerebras Releases as Open Source Seven Large LLMs with 13 Billion Parameters

• International Baccalaureate Assessment System Allows Students to Use ChatGPT

• Bloomberg Introduces a 50-Billion Parameter LLM Built For Finance

• The OpenAI’s CEO Envisions a Universal Income Society to Compensate for Jobs Replaced by AI

• Artificial Intelligence Enters a New Phase of Corporate Dominance

• Udacity Incorporates an OpenAI Provided Chatbot

• Italy Bans ChatGPT While Elon Musk and 1,100 Signatories Call to a Pause on AI [Open Letter]

March 2023

• Generative AI Will Impact Labor Market and Have Notable Economic, Social, and Policy Implications

• Adobe Unveils Firefly, a Family of Creative Generative AI Models Coming to Its Products

• Quora Released its Poe Chatbot, A Tool That Includes GPT-4, Claude and ChatGPT

• Databricks Launches Dolly, an Open Sourced LLM Clone of Stanford’s Alpaca Model

• Microsoft Search Engine Bing Adds DALL-E’s Image AI Creator

• Google Provides Limited Access to Bard, Its “Early Experiment Chatbot”

• OpenAI Starts to Roll Out Plugins in ChatGPT

• Canva Unveils New AI-Powered Design Tools

• GitHub Launches an Upgraded AI Assistant for Developers, Copilot X, With GPT-4

• Anthropic Launched ‘Claude’ A More Ethical Bot That Competes With ChatGPT

• Google Shows What AI-Embedded Writing Will Look Like in Gmail and Google Docs

• Microsoft Corp Embeds Generative AI Into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams

• Duolingo and Khan Academy Are Integrating the GPT-4 Model Into Their Offer

• Bing, Microsoft’s Search Engine, Crossed 100 Million Daily Active Users

• Stripe Integrates OpenAI’s New GPT-4 AI Into Its Digital Payment Process

• OpenAI Introduced Its GPT-4 Model That Accepts Image and Text Inputs

• OpenAI Positions Itself as a Corporate, Closed-Source, and For-Profit Business

• Microsoft Made ChatGPT Available On Its Azure OpenAI Service

• DuckDuckGo Unveils a Feature that Summarizes Information Using Generative AI

• Grammarly Announces a Generative AI Writing Assistant

• Microsoft Releases an AI Chatbot for Marketers, Customer Reps, and Sales People

• Salesforce Issues a ChatGPT-Style AI Agent For Writing Marketing Content

• Israeli Start-Up D-ID’s API Enables Face-to-Face Chats with AI

• OpenAI Expects Revenue of $200M In 2023, After Making $30M Last Year

• Character.ai, an Alternative to ChatGPT, Valued at $1 Billion

• OpenAI Will Offer A Dedicated ChatGPT Platform for Businesses

• OpenAI launches an API for ChatGPT. Quizlet and Shopify, Among the Early Adopters

• Microsoft Releases a Windows 11 Update that Includes AI-Powered Bing Chatbot

February 2023

• Snapchat Introduces My AI, a ChatGPT-Powered Artificial Intelligence Bot Into Its App

• JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs Block Access to ChatGPT

• Microsoft Released the Bing and Edge Mobile Apps Powered by ChatGPT

• Meta Released LLaMA, an Open Large Language Model with 65-Billion-Parameters

• AWS Partners With Hugging Face, an AI Startup Rival to ChatGPT Working on Open Source Models

• The Most Expensive School in the World, Swiss Rosenberg, Teaches How to Use ChatGPT

• GitHub Copilot, which Suggests Code in Real-Time through Generative AI, Launches Its Business Offer

• A Rush of Early Adopters In the Corporate World to Avoid Falling Behind on Generative AI

• The Domain AI.com Now Takes Users to ChatGPT

• Open AI: “Aligning AI Systems with Human Values Is a Top Priority for Our Company”

• Opera Will Release a New Browser with Built-In Access to ChatGPT and Other AI Services

• “Students Need to Learn How to Prompt an AI, and Evaluate Its Accuracy and Originality”

• Over 1 Million People Signed Up for the Bing Waitlist; Microsoft Shows Viva Sales Emails

• “ChatGPT is High Tech Plagiarism; It Undermines Education,” Says Noam Chomsky

• Microsoft Reaches a $2 Trillion Market Cap Helped with the Rise of ChatGPT

• Microsoft Presented Its New Bing Search, Powered by ChatGPT

• Google Announces ‘Bard’, a Testing, ChatGPT-Style AI Service

• ChatGPT and Upcoming AI Bots Will Make Jobs Obsolete in Several Industries

• Top Contenders Challenge ChatGPT. Google Invests $300M In Anthropic

• ChatGPT Surpasses 100 Million Users in January, with 13 Million Daily Visitors

• Microsoft Launches Teams Premium with Features Powered by ChatGPT

• OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Plus, a $20/Month Premium Service

• OpenAI Issues a Free Tool to Help Determine If Any Text Is Written by ChatGPT

January 2023

• China’s Baidu Will Soon Launch an AI Platform Similar to ChatGPT

• MusicML, a Research Project by Google, Generates Songs From Text Descriptions

• An AI Application Allows Asking Questions and Gain Insights About Documents

• BuzzFeed Will Use ChatGPT to Help Generate Online Content and Quizzes

• “Everybody is Cheating,” Says a Wharton Professor; He Has Adopted an AI Policy

• ChatGPT Passes Law School Exam Signaling the Risk of Widespread Cheating

• ChatGPT Alternatives Start to Emerge Throughout the Internet

• Microsoft Announces an Investment of $10 Billion in OpenAI to Advance ChatGPT Technology

• ChatGPT Passes an MBA Exam at UPenn’s Wharton

• Augmenting GTP-3 with Additional Information Prompts New Coding Businesses

• ChatGPT and Its Consequences on Work and Life Are the Talk of the Business Leaders in Davos This Year

• OpenAI CEO Refuses to Confirm If Chat GPT—4 Will Be Released This Year [Video]

• Coursera Will Integrate ChatGPT into Its Course Catalog This Year [Video]

• Microsoft CEO Says at Davos that the Company Plans to Flood its Products with Chat GPT [Video]

• Microsoft Starts Offering Access to Azure OpenAI [Video]

• Microsoft Will Make OpenAI’s Language Models Available on Its Azure Cloud Services

• Chat GPT ‘At Capacity’ Due to Its Massive Popularity

• ChatGPT Prepares a Paid Version to Monetize Its Wildly Successful Tool

• Language Models – Based Tools Will Radically Change Education

• Microsoft Might Invest $10 Billion in OpenAI’s ChatGPT

• Quora Tests Its Own Chatbot, Which Will Be Connected to More AI Agents

• Princeton Student Launches an App that Detects Plagiarism from ChatGPT

• Microsoft Works to Incorporate ChatGPT Into Its Bing Search Service

• An AI Chatbot Promises to Help You to Become the Best Version of Yourself

• ChatGPT-4, the Fined Tuned Version of ChatGPT-3, Might Prompt a Major Shift

December 2022

• Cheating on Essays in Higher Education through ChatGPT Alarms Academia

• The University of Phoenix Makes Its Chatbot More Engaging After Three Years of Experience

• The Year of ChatGPT and the Large Language Models

• Image Generator Lensa AI App Goes Viral with Its Magic Selfies Feature

• AI Adoption Plateaus and Talent Shortages Threaten the Shift

• The Release of OpenAI Keeps Educators and Professionals Processing the Implications

• Cutting-Edge AI Chatbot Attracts Over a Million People In One Week

• OpenAI Releases ChatGPT, an Advanced Text-Generating AI

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