Microsoft Made ChatGPT Available On Its Azure OpenAI Service

IBL News | New York

Microsoft made ChatGPT available on its own Azure OpenAI service in a more enterprise-friendly package this Thursday. It will allow businesses to integrate ChatGPT into their own cloud applications to handle queries from customers, provide summaries of conversations, create personalized offers, and help automate emails, among other tasks.

The available AI tools include the text-generating GPT-3.5, the code-generating Codex, and the image-generating DALL-E 2.

The company posted some examples of the implementation.

It explained that ChatGPT was priced at $0.002 per 1,000 tokens or about 750 words. That’s the same price as the developer-focused ChatGPT API, which launched on March 1. Microsoft said today that over 1,000 brands are enrolled in the Azure OpenAI Service.

Currently, Microsoft’s offer leveraging AI models in Azure OpenAI includes:

GitHub Copilot to help developers accelerate code development with its AI pair programmer
Microsoft Teams Premium to intelligent recap and AI-generated chapters to help individuals, teams, and organizations be more productive.
Microsoft Viva Sales’ to help sales teams to set email content and data-driven insights.
Microsoft Bing to enhance consumers’ search experience in completely new ways.

“We’re already seeing the impact AI can have on people and companies, helping improve productivity, amplify creativity, and augment everyday tasks,” said Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President of AI Platform at Microsoft. We believe AI will profoundly change how we work, and how organizations operate in the coming months.”

Meanwhile, startups and businesses continue to rush to integrate AI features into their apps and services. Rivals like Amazon are reportedly struggling to keep up, according to The Verge.