GitHub Copilot, Which Suggests Code in Real-Time through Generative AI, Launches Its Business Offer

IBL News | New York

GitHub has made its AI developer tool Copilot for Business publicly available.

First previewed in partnership with OpenAI in 2021, GitHub Copilot suggests in real-time new lines of code, entire functions, tests, complex algorithms, and even blocks common insecure code suggestions.

GitHub Copilot, built on generative AI, works as an editor extension and it learns alongside developers to adapt to individual coding styles and conventions.

With GitHub Copilot, developers can use the editor of their choice from Visual Studio to Neovim, VS Code, or JetBrains IDEs.

However, despite its success, GitHub Copilot is not always accurate, similar to the OpenAI-owned language model ChatGPT.

“Like any other code, code suggested by GitHub Copilot should be carefully tested, reviewed, and vetted,” GitHub said in its FAQs. “As the developer, you are always in charge.”

“Back i​n June 2022, we reported that GitHub Copilot was already generating 27% of developers’ code. Today, we’re seeing this happen more and more with an average of 46% of code being built using GitHub Copilot across all programming languages, and 61% among developers using Java,” says GitHub. “In the coming years, we will integrate AI into every aspect of the developer experience —from coding to the pull request to code deployments.”