Learning At Scale | June 2019: SNHU, SUNY, USC, Emeritus, Walmart, Carnegie Mellon…

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• SNHU, with 135K students and an army of 6k adjuncts, wants to be the “Nordstrom’s of higher education”, says its president Paul LeBlanc.

NY University System will focus on increasing its online presence.

“Emerging markets are a large opportunity to boost online enrollment”, says Emeritus CEO.

Higher education enrollments will continue its decline throughout the next decade. College closures will increase in 2019.



Canadian educator Heather Payne says that tenure should be abolished.

Ángel Cabrera, George Mason University’s president, named the sole finalist for the Georgia Tech presidency.

Michigan State named Stony Brook president as the new leader. Samuel Stanley Jr. created 240 faculty positions.

A billionaire investor pledged to pay off the student debt of Morehouse College’s 396 graduating young men during his commencement speech.

• USC’s partnership with 2U didn’t work at all. The school is facing a budget crisis that may result in nearly half of the staff losing their jobs.



Walmart expanded the $1 a day degree program to more universities.

OpenSesame corporate learning marketplace, with 20,000 courses, raised $28 million to help it grow faster.

SAS software provider debuted in higher education with an advanced cloud-based analytical solution. Jenzabar improved its analytics suite.



Carnegie Mellon University released its first wave of open-source learning tools. Interview with the leader behind the initiative.

Tecnológico de Monterrey released an elaborated report on alternative credentials (PDF).



Actionable data is the most disappointing late arrival in teaching and learning in higher ed.

Online education doesn’t work for disadvantaged populations, those unprepared for college and first-time students.

Achieving 85% completion rates for online courses.

It’s all about money? There is no difference between for-profit and public higher ed, said George Siemens.

Instructional designers forget what makes a course successful.

A model involving faculty for course design.

An Institution prepares students for jobs which won’t be automatized.

Netflix-style service Cengage Unlimited reaches 1.5 million subscribers.



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