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A Rush of Early Adopters In the Corporate World to Avoid Falling Behind on Generative AI

IBL News | New York

From CEOs to coders, employees are experimenting with the so-called generative AI programs — namely, ChatGPT — that produce writing, images, coding, and art much like humans do.

Yesterday, an article in The Wall Street Journal claimed that “ChatGPT’s release sparked a rush of early adopters eager to speed up tasks or avoid being left behind.” 

Applications like ChatGPt and image-generators like Midjourney are prompting individuals and businesses to see if they can automate laborious tasks or speed up creative processes.

Larger corporations are on notice that such generative AI tools could soon shake up their industries.

Even engineers and scientists have started using the tool to summarize large technical documents.

“Many in white-collar and creative professions also fear that once generative AI advances enough, it will replace them the way robots have replaced factory jobs,” wrote the paper.

However, for now, companies stated that they are committed to supporting human talent as they are testing to assist not overtake jobs.

Daron Acemoglu, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies technological change, said the impact remains to be seen.