The Most Expensive School in the World, Swiss Rosenberg, Teaches How to Use ChatGPT

IBL News | New York

The Swiss boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg, one of the world’s most expensive schools, with a tuition of $162,500 per year, is encouraging students to use AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and text-to-image generators DALL·E. 

Anita Gademann, Rosenberg’s Director and Head of innovation, said to Insider that banning ChatGPT is “mass hysteria” and “students need to be taught the ethics of AI.”

“We are very determined to ensure that whatever we teach our students is relevant for them, and relevant for the world they’re going to go into in the future,” she said.

Gademann says students — reportedly sons of German billionaires — are taught to use AI “as a tool.”

Seventh-graders used it for a History project to visualize the Middle Ages, and the “discrepancies between nobility and peasants.” Another student used DALL·E to generate pictures in an essay about the role of women in the First World War.

Gademann says teachers know if a student has plagiarized an essay because they’re familiar with their writing styles and any shortcomings. “I know the name and aim and objective of every single one of my 230 kids. I make it my business to know this.”