ChatGPT Surpasses 100 Million Users in January, with 13 Million Daily Visitors

IBL News | New York

ChatGPT is on track to exceed 100 million monthly active users, increasing from 57 million in December, according to UBS analyst Lloyd Walmsley. Currently, the natural language chatbot ChatGPT receives 13 million daily visitors, more than double the figure from December 2022, the analyst notes.

The New York Times quotes other sources stating that ChatGPT has more than 30 million users and gets roughly five million visits a day.

In a research note, Walmsley points out that it took TikTok nine months from its launch to reach 100 million users, while it took Instagram 2.5 years. “We have not seen an app grow at this rate before,” the analyst adds.

Developed by start-up OpenAI and backed by Microsoft, ChatGPT has experienced explosive growth.

Venture capital investors speculate that the market for generative AI applications could be worth up to $1 trillion.

On the other hand, Microsoft continues to integrate ChatGPT capabilities into its Office products. Microsoft Team is the latest one, as shown below.