Princeton Student Launches an App that Detects Plagiarism from ChatGPT

IBL News | New York

Princeton student Edward Tian wrote an anti-plagiarism app called GPTZero that detects texts written with AI-based ChatGPT. Entrepreneur magazine surfaced the story.

Tian posted a few proof-of-concept videos on January 2nd demonstrating GPTZero’s capabilities.

First, it determined that a human authored a New Yorker article; then, it correctly identified ChatGPT as the author of a Facebook post.

Increased AI plagiarism after the viral popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT is deeply concerning educators around the country.

Tian’s motivation for creating GPTZero was academic in nature. He tweeted that he thought it was unlikely that “high school teachers would want students using ChatGPT to write their history essays.”

According to the Guardian, OpenAI is currently working on a feature for “statistically watermarking” ChatGPT outputs.