“ChatGPT is High Tech Plagiarism; It Undermines Education,” Says Noam Chomsky

IBL News | New York

“ChatGPT is high-tech plagiarism; it undermines education,” said Noam Chomsky, American linguist, philosopher, and public intellectual.

In an interview with the host of YouTube channel EduKitchen, Chomsky explained:

“For years there have been programs that have helped professors detect plagiarized essays,” Chomsky says. “Now it’s going to be more difficult, because it’s easier to plagiarize. But that’s about the only contribution to education that I can think of.”

Chomsky sees the use of ChatGPT as “just a way of avoiding learning.” (…) “Students learn absolutely nothing from this.” (…) “The way to deal with it is to make education programs interesting enough.”

Chomsky, 94, author the theory of language acquisition — which argues that human brain structures naturally to learn and use languages — stated that students instinctively employ high technology to avoid learning, “a sign that the educational system is failing.”

“If it has no appeal to students, doesn’t interest them, doesn’t challenge them, doesn’t make them want to learn, they’ll find ways out,” just as he himself did when he borrowed a friend’s notes to pass a dull college chemistry class without attending it back in 1945.

After spending most of his career teaching at MIT, Chomsky retired in 2002 to become a full-time public intellectual.