OpenAI launches an API for ChatGPT. Quizlet and Shopify, Among the Early Adopters

IBL News | New York

OpenAI launched ChatGPT API for businesses with dedicated capacity plans, priced at $0.0002/~750 words yesterday.

San Francisco-based startup also announced that the open-source speech-to-text model Whisper is available at its API, giving developers access to speech-to-text capabilities. The API is priced at $0.006 / minute, rounded up to the nearest second.

ChatGPT API is powered by the same AI model behind OpenAI’s wildly popular ChatGPT, dubbed “GPT-3.5-turbo.”

“It’s also our best model for many non-chat use cases; we’ve seen early testers migrate from text-davinci-003 to gpt-3.5-turbo with only a small amount of adjustment needed to their prompts,” said the company. [Official documentation]

GPT-3.5 is the most powerful text-generating model OpenAI offers today through its API suite; the “turbo” moniker refers to an optimized, more responsive version of GPT-3.5 that OpenAI’s been quietly testing for ChatGPT.

Priced at $0.002 per 1,000 tokens, or about 750 words, the API can drive a range of experiences, including “non-chat” applications. “This is 10x cheaper than the existing GPT-3.5 models,” said OpenAI.

Snap, Quizlet, Instacart, and Shopify are among the early adopters. “Our early partners have built with the new APIs – and start building next-generation apps powered by ChatGPT & Whisper today,” said the company.