2020 Year Review: Top News Stories on Online Learning

IBL News | New York

The consequences of COVID-19 virus spread from China through the world, marked the edtech and higher education landscape. The 2020 year showed unbearable distress on face-to-face learning and increased the digital gap among developing nations. The implementation of online technology accelerated, and valuations of edtech companies skyrocketed.

Here are the most-read stories at IBL News on online learning:

Valuations | VC

• Training Company Pluralsight.com Acquired by Equity Firm Vista for $3.5 Billion

• Language Learning App Duolingo Gets a $2.4 Billion Valuation While It Prepares its IPO

• Udemy Reaches a $3.25 Billion Valuation After Raising Another $50 Million

• Online Learning Boom in India: Start-Ups Raising Huge Amounts of Capital

• Skillsoft and Global Knowledge in Talks to Merge and Go Public


• Laureate Sells Walden University to Adtalem for $1.48 Billion in Cash

• Thoma Bravo Completes the Acquisition of Instructure

• Cornerstone OnDemand Acquires Saba for $1.4 Billion


• Facebook Returns to Its Roots by Launching a Campus-Only Social Network

• Microsoft Will Offer Free Learning Paths for Digital Jobs In-Demand to 25 Million Facing Unemployment

• Pearson Ends Its Search for a New CEO by Naming an Ex-Walt Disney Executive for the Role


• Educause Analyzes How Higher Education Institutions Will Emerge from the Pandemic

• A New Learning Platform During Pandemic Times? The Must-Have List of Features

• MOOCs Were Dead, but Now They Are Booming, According to The New York Times

• Eduventures Encourages to Re-Think Online Learning While Analyzing Scenarios

• The LMS Market Will Grow From $13.4 Billion in 2020 to $25.7 Billion by 2025

• NY’s Governor Hires the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Reforming the School System

Higher Ed

• Harvard and Princeton Will Deliver Their Classes Online This Fall; Backlash for Keeping Full Tuition

• The Big Ten Universities Will Accumulate Over $1.7 Billion in Losses Due to the Pandemic

• U.S. Colleges Will Lose Over $3 Billion After International Student Enrollment Decline This Upcoming Fall

• Historic $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Provides Funding for Higher Ed and Help for Students with Loans

Pandemic Effects

• The COVID Pandemic Causes Devastation to Children’s Learning Across the World

• 70% of College Students Are Falling Behind on Their Studies Due to COVID-19

• Students Find the Learning Experience Provided by Schools To Be Unengaging

• The Global Pandemic Accelerates the Inequalities in Education; 1.1 Billion Children Still Out of School


• SXSW EDU Announces that Its 2021 Conference Will Continue to Be Virtual

• The City of Austin Cancels SXSW March Festival and Plans a Virtual Conference

• The ASU-GSV Summit Postponed to September 29th. AAC&U Conference Canceled


• How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus’ Scammers Who Try to Steal Money or Personal Information

• Johns Hopkins University Updates the Coronavirus Map by Adding Local Data

• Don’t Let Education Fall in the Curve of Covid: An Extensive Resource Website with Tools and Services