The Top News Stories of the Year on edX, Coursera, and Learning at Scale Platforms

IBL News | New York

The COVID-19 outbreak seriously hit residential teaching, while boosting online learning revenues and ventures. edX, Coursera, Udemy, and overall all learning platforms experienced remarkable growth.

Here are the most-read stories at IBL News.


• Reaches 35 Million Registered Learners and 110 Million Enrollments

• edX Releases Its Latest Open Platform Named Koa

• edX Launches Its First Two MicroBachelors Degrees with WGU and NYU

• The ‘Introduction to Linux’ Course on Surpasses One Million Enrollments

• Stanford University Joins the edX Consortium Seven Years Later


• Coursera Weighs an IPO in 2021 at a Valuation of $5 Billion

• Coursera and edX Launch Initiatives to Support Universities Impacted by the Outbreak

• Coursera Introduces Its First Fully Online Bachelor’s from an American University


• Udemy’s Corporate Learning Division Surpasses $100M In Annual Revenue

• Canvas LMS Picks a New CEO From Outside the Educational Industry

• Simon Nelson, Original CEO of FutureLearn, Leaves His Company


• MITx Passes the Milestone of 10 Million Enrollments on Its Online Courses

• A Practical Course from MIT on edX Teaches How to Shape Your Future in the Age of AI


• Harvard’s Professor and EdTech Visionary Robert Lue Dies at 56 From Cancer

• Harvard University’s LabXChange Platform Wins the 2020 Open edX Prize

• Harvard’s Credit-Bearing, Free Course on Mechanical Ventilators Has Attracted 170,000 Learners in Two Weeks

Transactions | Valuations

• A Startup Company Raises $16M for User Interface that Adds LMS Capabilities to Zoom

• A Cloud Guru Acquires The Linux Academy and Claims 1.5 M Learners

• Raises $16 Million in Funding to Expand Its Cinema-Quality Video Courses