Learning At Scale | September 2019: Arizona State, Google, IBM, 2U, MIT – Epstein, Harvard…

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Higher Ed

• Arizona State University Develops the First Adaptive-Learning Degree in Science

• SNHU Will Be the First University to Recognize Salesforce Training

• Startup Partners With University of Pittsburgh to Offer Transfer Credit for Online Classes

• Building Digital Programs Step-By-Step To Generate a Revenue Stream


OPM | Bootcamps

• 2U Will Release More Data As The OPM Industry Will Face Growing Scrutiny

• 2U’s Trilogy Education Launches Two Boot Camps with Columbia and Rice University

• Coding Bootcamps Are Booming: 23k New Graduates This Year

• Chegg Will Buy Coding Bootcamp Thinkful for $80 Million


Open Education

• The Open Education Consortium Awards Contributors to OER and Online Projects

• GitHub Classroom Builds an Extensible Ecosystem to Integrate Popular LMSes



• Google’s AI-Based App Provides Answers to Learners Who Get Stuck While Studying

• Google Introduces a Plagiarism Checker for Classroom and Assignments



• Big Tech Launches Confidential Computing Consortium to Improve Data Security

• Southwest Launches a Career Program with Four Universities to Train Pilots and Partners

• IBM Releases a Video Tutorial Series and Textbook to Educate on Quantum Computing

• Pluralsight.com Faces Class-Action Lawsuits From Investors Who Suffered Losses


MIT and Epstein (Chronologically) 

• The MIT Media Lab‘s Scandal: Its Director Resigns After Lying Over His Ties to Epstein

• An MIT Professor Will Temporarily Lead the Media Lab In the Midst of the Crisis

• MIT Top Officials Were Aware of Epstein’s Ties to the Media Lab and Accepted Those Donations, Says Peter Cohen

• Explosive Admission on Epstein’s Donations: We Were Aware of the Gifts, Says MIT President

• Harvard University Acknowledges It Received Nearly $9 Million From Epstein

• MIT Students Call for Reif to Step Down and Denounce Cover-Up From the Top

• Stanford and Santa Fe Institute Took Money From Epstein; Harvard Had More Ties

• MIT Scientist Richard Stallman, Who Defended an Associate of Epstein, Resigns From CSAIL and FSF

Tense Face-To-Face Meeting Between MIT Faculty and Top Officials; No Resignations Demanded

A letter to President Rafael Reif & Provost Marty Schmidt regarding Epstein


2019 Upcoming Events

• Education Calendar  –  SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER  | NOVEMBER  | DECEMBER | JAN – JUNE 2020



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