Coding Bootcamps Are Booming: 23k New Graduates This Year

IBL News | New York

Coding bootcamps, currently an industry of $309 million in revenue, will graduate around 23,000 developers in 2019, an increase of 49% over 2018, according to an in-depth study by Course Report.

As a point of reference, in 2018 there were about 93,000 undergraduate computer science majors graduating from American universities.

A key finding shows that online coding boot camps are growing even than in-person bootcamps  in growth around 171% year-over-year. However, by sheer count, in-person graduates still dominate — 17,524 vs. 5,519 in 2019.

As a trend alert, Course Report indicates that 29 bootcamps will teach an additional 22,549 students via 995 corporate training partners.

Additional key findings highlight that:

  • In 2019, there are 96 in-person bootcamp providers and 14 online bootcamp providers. As of June 1, there are coding bootcamps in 71 U.S. cities and 38 states.


  • Average tuition price of qualifying in-person courses is on the rise – $13,584, with an average program length of 15.1 weeks. Online bootcamps are slightly less expensive ($12,898) and much longer (24.3 weeks).


  • Tuition revenue from qualifying schools will be $309,237,750 in 2019 (not including corporate training revenue) – this includes $71,186,477 from online schools in 2019. Trend Alert: 23 bootcamps offer Deferred Tuition or Income Sharing Agreements in 2019.


  • This year, Full Stack JavaScript continues to be the most common teaching language, used in 44% of Web Development courses.


  • The length of online programs has stretched out, from 15.4 weeks in 2018 to 24.3 weeks in 2019. This rise in duration is attributed to the launch of six-month programs in 2018 by online operators such as Lambda School and Thinkful.


  • In-person coding bootcamps were also trending longer. The average length of an in-person bootcamp is now 15.1 weeks, a bump up from 14.4 weeks in 2018.