Online Learning | November – December 2021: Google, IBM, Microsoft, Stanford, UPenn, Harvard, Unicef…

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Corporate Initiatives

• Google Will Grant Community Colleges Free Access to Its Career Certifications

• IBM Says It Will Train on Technical Skills 30 Million People by 2030

• Microsoft Reduces Its Pricing for Educational Customers


Leading Universities

• Stanford University Launches a Digital Office to Help Underserved High School Students

• UPenn Becomes the First Ivy League School to Accept Enrollment Payment in Crypto

• Harvard’s Endowment Increases $11.3B to a Whopping $53.2B, Despite the Pandemic

• Ivy League Colleges Still Offer a Few Online Degrees to “Protect their Reputation”

• Western Governors University Partners with the National Governors Association


Higher Ed

• House Democrats Passed a Massive Spending Bill that Included Billions for Higher Ed

• Thirteen Colleges Explore Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Programs

• A Family-Owned, Private University in Spain Builds a Campus in a Modern Skyscraper



• Adult Learners Prefer Universities for Their Career Preparedness

• Accenture Finds Six Segments of Students, Based on Learning Mindsets

• Retiring After a Career in Higher Ed? Sarasota, Naples, and Daytona Beach, Among the Best Places

• Robinhood Confirms that One-third of Customers’ Data Was Compromised After a Large Hack


Global Education

• Experts Say that the Spending in Global Education and EdTech Will Experience a Massive Increase

• International Students Enrollment Shows a 68% Increase After the Pandemic

• Over 200 Million Children Are Missing Out on Remote Learning

• International Leaders Call to Invest More in Teachers — Here’s How Much They Are Paid


Job Market

• More High Schoolers Dismiss Attending a Four-Year College

• Fastest-Growing Jobs that Don’t Require a Bachelor’s Degree

• Organizations Change their Learning Strategies in the Light of ‘The Great Resignation’ Phenomenon


2021 Events | All of the Key Conferences Listed!

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