Online Learning | January-February 2021: MIT, Harvard, College Board, Varsity Tutors…

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JANUARY—FEBRUARY 2021 –  NEWSLETTER #40  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español


Higher Ed in the Pandemic

• The Pandemic Caused a Huge Financial Hit to Public Research Universities

• MIT Will Vaccinate 50,000 Members of its Community

• Higher Ed Institutions Function Only at 75% Capacity. This Gap Costs $50 Billion

• The Pandemic Accelerates the OPM Business: Universities Pay $4 Billion a Year

• The College Board Discontinues SAT Subject Tests and the optional SAT Essay


Federal Government

• The Biden Administration Extends the Pause on Student Loan Payments for Eight Months

• The Biden Administration Issues Guidance for Colleges on the COVID Pandemic

• Senator Warren Says that Betsy DeVos Resigned to Dodge the 25th Amendment

• Betsy DeVos Resigns as Education Secretary Because of “the Impact of Trump’s Rhetoric”



• Harvard Students Request to Revoke Graduate Diplomas from Prominent Trump Supporters

• Twitter Permanently Suspends President Trump’s Account

• ProPublica Releases an Unfiltered Collection of Parler’s Videos on the Riot at the Capitol

• University Political Professors and Scientists Demand the Immediate Removal of President Trump


Social Media

• The Alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram Surpasses 500 Million Users

• Parler May Never Get Back Online: Vendors Don’t Want Any Business with the App

• Private Messaging Signal Becomes the #1 App on Apple’s and Google’s Stores

• Parler Social App Sues AWS-Amazon For Suspending Its Cloud Hosting Service

• Apple, Google, and AWS Kick Parler Off—the Social Media App Used by Trump’s Supporters



• Varsity Tutors Will Become a Public Company—Valued at $1.7 Billion

• Over Two Billion Children and Young People Lose Out on Education Due to No Internet Access

• How to Equip Managers to Lead Remote Teams and Reap Productivity Gains

• 2020 Year Review: Top News Stories on Online Learning


2021 Events 

• Education Calendar  –  FEBMARCHAPRILMAYJUNEJULY-DECEMBER  |  Conferences in Latin America & Spain


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