Learning At Scale | October 2019: Starbucks, Microsoft, MIT, Educause, 2U, AWS, Google, Automattic…

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Courses at Scale

• Over 3,000 Starbucks Employees Have Earned their Bachelor’s Degree through ASU Online

• Microsoft Launches a Series of 44 Short Videos to Learn Python on YouTube

• 99% of MIT Undergrads Have Taken an MITx Class – Impressive Numbers After Two Decades


Higher Ed

• The 10 IT Issues Higher Ed Leaders Are Focusing on, According to Educause

• MIT’s Provost Will Impulse the Open Sharing of Data, Software, and Educational Materials

• The Power of Data and Analytics Can Save Higher Education, Says Educause, AIR and NACUBO

• A Research Group Identifies Over 700K Unique Credentials in the United States



• Automattic, the Company Behind WordPress, Valued at $3 Billion After Its Last Funding

• 2U Announces a Deal with RIT to Deliver an Online Master’s Degree in Architecture

• AWS Expands its Partnerships with Institutions to Offer Degree Programs in Cloud Computing

• The Hamilton Education Program Online Will Expand to All Schools



• Google and CompTIA Create a Dual Credential for Learners Seeking for Entry-Level Jobs in IT

Google Expands Its IT Support Certificate Program to 100 Community Colleges


Epstein’s Scandal

• MIT to Examine Engagement Practices with Gifts and Grants After Epstein’s Donations

• Students at MIT Extend their Protest to Koch and Demand More Resignations

• University of Southern California (USC) Rejected Any Donation from Epstein

• A Professor Denounces the Silence of the Scientific Community on Epstein

Troubled MIT Media Lab Ousts a Longtime Scientist for Sexual Harassment

• MIT Students Vocalize their Concerns and Demand Prof. Seth Lloyd Resignation

• MIT President Will Engage Students on the Issue of Epstein’s Donations and Ties to the Institute


2019 Upcoming Events

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