Troubled MIT Media Lab Ousts a Longtime Scientist for Sexual Harassment

IBL News | New York

MIT Media Lab last week ousted research scientist and faculty member V. Michael Bove for violating the university’s sexual harassment policy, reported this Friday.

The Media Lab also announced two hours of mandatory sexual harassment training for all personnel.

Yesterday, Media Lab Executive Director Deb Roy sent a letter to students, staff, and faculty saying: “Michael was terminated solely as a result of a determination that he violated MIT’s sexual harassment policy. … There are aspects of MIT policies and practices that I believe should be improved. I will work with colleagues at MIT towards better policies for the entire community.”

In a statement sent to MIT Media Lab students, faculty, and staff, V. Michael Bove wrote:

“Following allegations that I acted in harassing or otherwise unwelcome manner toward some other members of the community, I am no longer at the Media Lab.  I very much regret inappropriate and indefensible actions or words by which I have caused pain or discomfort to any of the remarkable, dedicated professionals in the lab, and offer my sincerest apologies. My past actions did not reflect my values, the values of the Media Lab, the values of MIT, or acceptable standards of behavior anywhere, and having at length examined my conscience I have learned essential lessons about responsible, respectful, and appropriate behavior that will guide me throughout my future interactions with people.”

Bove was at the Media Lab for 23 years, and, most recently, as head of its Object-Based Media Group.