Over 1,000 Students Will Graduate from Georgia Tech’s Online Master in Computer Science

IBL News | New York

The recognizable OMSCS (Online Master of Science in Computer Science) from Georgia Tech continues its successful march.

“Right now we have over 9,000 students and so far over 2,400 graduated; over 1,000 graduating this year,” Zvi Galil, creator of the Master and former John P. Imlay, Jr. Dean of Computing and Professor told IBL News. “This number might reach 1,500 this academic year and might reach 2,000 in a year or two.”

OMSCS continues to be the largest master’s program in computer science in the nation.

Launched in January 2014 with 380 students, it meant to achieve from the beginning, “a revolutionary shift from the prevailing paradigm of higher education, in which a brand is bolstered by exclusion and high tuition fees,” Galil said. [In the picture above]

As it was conceived, the OMSCS keeps on tuition affordable – less than $7,000 for the full degree, payable by course, rather than $40,000 for a public on-campus program, or $70,000 or more in a private university.

OMSCS’ growth has been phenomenal, and its success has inspired similar programs at other universities. By 2019 spring term it offered a total of 30 courses in 4 specializations to 8,662 students.

Georgia Tech offers undergraduates the choice to enroll in an online version of an introductory computing courseIntroduction to Computing with Python on edX.