Online Learning | October 2021: OPMs, Stanford, UMass, ASU, AI, MIT…

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OCTOBER 2021 –  NEWSLETTER #46  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español


• “With OPMs, Colleges Forfeit Their Future,” Explains Robert Ubell In His Latest Book

• Stanford University Plans to Acquire the Notre Dame de Namur 50-Acre Campus in Belmont, Calif.

• Howard University Partially Reopens After Being Hit with a Ransomware Cyberattack

• UMass Global Will Pursue to Be a National Powerhouse in Online Adult Education

• Six Hundred Students of the American University of Afghanistan Left Under the Taliban Regime


• Students at Walden University Find the Institution’s New AI Tutor Useful

• AI Initiatives to Accelerate As Organizations Want to Secure Competitive Advantages


• The ASU+GSV Summit Posts Videos of the Talks at the Event on Its YouTube Channel

• The Online Learning Consortium Announces Its Leadership and Innovation Award Winners

Corporate Learning

• Amazon Will Pay Full College Tuition to Its U.S. Front-Line Employees as Part of $1.2 Billion Ed Plan

• Intel Launches AI for Workforce Education Program for 800,000 Students in Community Colleges


• An MIT Research Finds that Teachers Have Not Been Valued During the COVID Crisis

• Learning a New Skill Results in a Raise of $12K a Year, According to the Top Paying Certifications Research

• Almost 800 Million Youngsters Do Not Have Basic Literacy Skills, Says UNESCO

Job Market

• Salaries for College Graduates in Technical Majors Continue to Climb

• The Rapid Adoption of Open Source Software Makes Finding Talent More Difficult

• Student Debt Cancelled by the Federal Government Reaches $9.5 Billion for 563,000 borrowers

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