Students at Walden University Find the Institution’s New AI Tutor Useful

IBL News | New York

Walden University demoed its AI-powered tutor named Julian that helps students reinforce their learning through practice. This tool, built with Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, was introduced in early August this year.

This virtual tutor was developed, according to the university, to help students master concepts — not just review them — through on-demand learning activities in a personalized way.

The tool engages students in dialogue via chat functionality, offers learning activities, evaluates student responses, and provides feedback to students as they complete activities.

“Students will see a new set of activities generated by the AI-powered tutor every time they interact with the tool,” explained Karthik Venkatesh, CIO at Walden. “It also creates educational notes for the student, which they can reference throughout the program and beyond.”

Students who tried the Walden-AI instructor agreed it is “a good addition to their learning process, and particularly useful in adding to their knowledge on various concepts and for completing assignments.”

“This application of AI has the potential to open so many doors for further student engagement and success,” noted Steven Butschi, Head of Education at Google Cloud. “By working with Walden University on this technology, we look forward to getting real-time feedback and incorporating learnings to continue iterating on this tool to help students and faculty alike.”

In the video below, Walden’s CTO, Steven Tom, Walden’s CIO Karthik Venkatesh, and Google Cloud’s Lukman Ramsey provide an overview of the AI-powered tutor and a demonstration.