Online Learning | May – June 2021: College Board, MIT, Google, ASU+GSV, Economist, Fortune…

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MAY — JUNE 2021 –  NEWSLETTER #43  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español



• Dramatic Increase in the Number of Children Falling Basic Reading Skills

• Students Prefer Some Courses Be Fully Online Post-Pandemic

• President Biden Proposes Two Years of Free Community College

• The College Board Will Offer Its CLEP Exam at Home with Remote Proctoring



• Universities Say to Donors: We Are Happy to Accept Your Crypto as a Gift

• The University of Maryland Will Invest in Quantum Technology Breakthroughs

• Iona College in New York Acquires Concordia College’s 28-Acre Campus

• Dartmouth College Offers Its Students a Self-Service, AI-Based ChatBot

• MIT Researchers Find that Risk of Contracting COVID Indoors Is the Same at 6ft and 60ft



• Google Introduces a Feature that Allows to Video Call While Working on a Shared Doc

• Google Offers 40,000 Scholarships for Android and Cloud Developers in Africa

• Google Rolls Out New Features for Chrome



• Acquires Summer Camp ID Tech for $200 Million

• Investors at ASU+GSV Select 200 EdTech Startups

• Kahoot Acquires Clever Inc. for $500M to Expand Its Presence in the U.S.



• Economist Education Debuts with a Short Course on ‘The New Global Order’

• Fortune Launches Its Higher Education Rankings with 2U as a Founding Sponsor


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