Google Rolls Out New Features for Chrome

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Google announced this month new features for its Chrome browser intended to boost productivity.

As of March 2021, Chrome was the most used browser (64%), followed by Safari (19%) and Edge (3.74%).

  • “Copy link to highlight”. It allows you to highlight a URL for the selected text you want to share, right-clicking and sending the link. This feature is rolling out now to desktop and Android and is coming soon for iOS.
  • New PDF presentation mode, removal of the on-screen distractions (toolbars, address bar, tabs), and more features (document properties, two-page view). An updated top toolbar, which puts the most important PDF actions (zoom, jump to page, save, print) within a single click. These features are rolling out now.
  • Mute notifications when presenting.
  • Performance improvement with decreased Chrome CPU usage, and therefore more battery life, less fan noise, and less heat.
  • Tab freezing for collapsed groups. This feature is coming soon to beta.
  • Ability to name windows.


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