edX & Platforms | June 2020: Coursera, Udacity, Rancher, NVIDIA, Moodle, MasterClass…

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JUNE 2020 – NEWSLETTER #28  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español


Open edX 

• Rancher.com Creates a Free Online Certification Program for Developers

• NVIDIA’s DLI, with +200K Learners, Expands Its Training by Adding Instructor-Led Virtual Workshops



• UT Austin Launches an Online Master’s in Data Science for $10,000 on edX.org

• edX Adds Three New Credit-Backed MicroBachelors Programs to its Portfolio

• edX Reports 100 Million Unique Enrollments After a Growth of 20 Million

• edX Offers a 30% Discount on Professional Certificates, MicroMasters, and MicroBachelors



• College Students Will Have Free Access to the Coursera Course Catalog this Summer

• Coursera Introduces ‘Guided Projects’, a Hands-On Feature

• Co-Founder of Coursera Raised $142M for Her AI-Based Pharma Startup

• Over 35,000 Enrolled in an Online Course to Become a Contact Tracer for the Pandemic

• Coursera Will Provide Courses and Curated Programs to Tennis Professionals

• UC Davis‘ Professional Ed Courses Soar to 4,000 Enrollments Per Day



• Udacity Announces Its AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree Program


Learning Platforms

• Moodle Says It Accounts for Over 200 Million Users and 151,000 Websites

• Learn@Forbes Subscription Platform Launches an AI Tool that Creates Personalized Paths

• MasterClass.com Reaches a Valuation of Over $800 Million After Raising $100 Million


2020 Events 

• Education Calendar  –    JUNE  |  JULY – DEC  |  Conferences in Latin America & Spain


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