Learn@Forbes Subscription Platform Launches an AI Tool that Creates Personalized Paths

IBL News | New York

Forbes Media and Zovio (Nasdaq: ZVO) edtech company announced the launch of a free, AI-based career counselor tool to suggest personalized learning paths on their course subscription-based platform Learn@Forbes.

Forbes SmartAdvisor utilizes three information points–users’ personality, their current skills, and the skills necessary for the aspirational role they selected.

“It is an online, three-minute assessment that combines neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create personalized learning paths,” say the authors.

Forbes and Zovio offer at Learn@Forbes, at a pricing of $12.50 per month, 850+ self-paced, short courses, specializations, and Learning Pathways in marketing, human resources, leadership, finance and accounting, entrepreneurship, sales, communications, customer service, and project management.

Dhiraj Bansal, chief operating officer of Learn@Forbes, said that this set of courses is a timely option for those whose employment has been affected by COVID-19.