UC Davis’ Professional Ed Courses Soar to 4,000 Enrollments Per Day

IBL News | New York

The UC Davis’ Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) division announced that it has reached one million enrollments on its development programs on Coursera. In addition, CPE also offers training to the employees of nearly 2,000 organizations through the same platform.

The institution is registering about 4,000 new individual enrollments per day, according to its data, while before the pandemic, the growth was 4,000 per week.

“The [one million enrollments] milestone reflects the essential role that CPE and its faculty partners play in creating access to workforce development programs globally,” said Susan Catron, Dean of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.

UC Davis offers 60 courses, nine specializations, and one “MasterTrack” on Coursera.

The most popular specializations offered are SQL for Data ScienceIntroduction to SEOFundamentals of GIS, and Coaching Skills for Managers.

UC Davis announced that it is adding new offerings of courses, such as Javascript, Spatial Analytics, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset “and other high-demand topics aimed at closing the skills gap and supporting career advancement.”