NVIDIA’s DLI, with +200K Learners, Expands Its Training by Adding Instructor-Led Virtual Workshops

IBL News | New York

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) announced this week that it has started to offer instructor-led workshops remotely via a virtual classroom.

The learning branch of NVIDIA has already trained over 200,000 developers and data scientists globally on areas such as AI, accelerated computing, and accelerated data. Over 550 certified instructors have delivered the training.

“Over the past several weeks, DLI has delivered hands-on training to nearly 800 attendees during NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference,” explained Craig Clawson, Director at NVIDIA’s DLI.

In addition to these virtual workshops, learners have access to self-paced online courses via the DLI websiteUpon completion, participants can earn a certificate of competency to support their long-term professional growth.

Robert Daigle, AI Business and Innovation Leader at Lenovo Data Center Group, said that “DLI courses are key to unlocking the power for GPUs and enabling AI workloads.”

According to the company, more than 3,000 educators at universities worldwide have leveraged specialized training resources and teaching kits, including free online DLI courses with certification assessments.

DLI’s catalog included updated versions of the following courses this month:

  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Multi-GPUs
  • Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles — Perception
  • Medical Image Classification Using the MedNIST Dataset
  • Optimization and Deployment of TensorFlow Models with TensorRT
  • Deep Learning at Scale with Horovod
  • Modeling Time Series Data with Recurrent Neural Networks in Keras

Finally, more training delivery partners–such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Numerical Algorithms Group and QA–have been added to the existing network of educational services.

NVIDIA’s DLI platform is powered by New York-based IBL Education.