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JANUARY 2020 – NEWSLETTER #24  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español



• UT Austin Launches a Top Master’s Degree on Nutritional Sciences on edX.org

• Stanford University Joins the edX Consortium Seven Years Later

• edX Launches Its First Two MicroBachelors Degrees with WGU and NYU

• WGU Provides Details on Its MicroBachelor: Successful Completion Does Not Mean Automatic Accreditation

First Online MBA on edX: “If We Don’t Do it, Someone Else Will,” Says Boston University


Open edX

• Harvard and Amgen Announce LabXchange.org, an Open Platform with Scientific Content

• NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Includes the “Freshman Year for Free” Program in His Agenda

• XuetangX Raises Another $15 Million to Add AI Technology and Expand Its Catalog



• Coursera Introduces Its First Fully Online Bachelor’s from an American University

• Google Expands Its IT Support Offering on Coursera.org by Adding Python and Automation


Courses, Programs

• Dr. Chuck’s ‘Python for Everybody’ Full Class on YouTube and Other Formats

• Esri’s Free MOOC Program, with 150,000 Students, Sets a Reference in Corporate Education at Scale



• A Cloud Guru Acquires The Linux Academy and Claims 1.5 M Learners

• ProctorU Merges With Canadian Yardstick; the New Company Raises $30 Million

Outlier.org Raises $16 Million in Funding to Expand Its Cinema-Quality Video Courses

• Chatbots and Other Artificial Intelligent Cases Are on the Rise, Despite High Expectations


2020 Upcoming Events

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