WGU Provides Details on Its MicroBachelor: Successful Completion Does Not Mean Automatic Accreditation

IBL News | New York

New details emerged today on Western Governors University (WGU)’s first MicroBachelors program developed in partnership with edX.

In a press release, WGU announced that its Information Technology (IT) program will be available to students around the world through edX.org and will stack into seven bachelor’s degree programs at the university.

These bachelor’s degree programs include: B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Software Development, B.S. Cloud and Systems Administration, B.S. Data Management/Data Analytics, B.S. Information Technology, B.S. Cybersecurity, and Information Assurance, and B.S. Network Operations and Security.

However, the completion of this series of low-cost, certificate-granting courses –they cost $1,347 and grant 10 competency units (CUs)– does not mean automatic admission to Western Governors University. While the MicroBachelors does fulfill many of the requirements for bachelor’s programs in IT at WGU, students will still need to apply to WGU and be accepted; admission is not automatic,” warns the first FAQ at the website.

In addition, the program comes with a time limit of three months. “If the coursework is completed within the quarter, the learner will receive credit for the course and passing of the assessment. If the work is completed outside of the quarter, the learner will not receive any credit for the task or assessment completed toward a certification.”