Online Learning | November 2020: Google, IBM, Educause, Skillsoft, Microsoft…

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NOVEMBER 2020 –  NEWSLETTER #38  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español



• Google Introduces New Analytics with Machine Learning and Predictive Models

• IBM Will Focus More on Cloud and AI, while Placing Its Low-Margin, Legacy Tech into a New Public Company

• ZipRecruiter Partners with Training Platform to Create a Catalog of 250 Skill-Oriented Courses



• Educause’s 2021 ‘IT Issues Report’ Will Elaborate on Three Scenarios

• The New School in New York Fired 122 Staff Members After Reporting Financial Struggles

• The Catholic Polytechnic University Issues Its First Course, Cybersecurity Fundamentals



• SPAC Churchill Capital Will Merge with Skillsoft in $1.3B Deal and Acquire Global Knowledge for $233M

• Skillsoft and Global Knowledge in Talks to Merge and Go Public

• Another Zoom Challenger: Engageli Capitalizes on Video Conferencing Limitations

• Salesforce Will Invest Another $100 Million in Education and Social Companies

• Adobe Participated in Skillshare’s Last Funding of $66 Million in Series D


COVID-19 Effects

• Microsoft Follows the Shift of Tech Giants and Offers Its Staff to Permanently Work at Home

• Dropbox Becomes a Virtual First Company Making Remote Work Permanent

• A UNESCO/United Nations Report Introduces a Methodology to Connect Schools to the Internet

• Teachers Worldwide Find Creative Solutions to Avoid Education Disruption Due to COVID



• A New Learning Platform During Pandemic Times? The Must-Have List of Features


2020 Events 

• Education Calendar  –  NOV  |  DEC  |  Conferences in Latin America & Spain


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