ZipRecruiter Partners with Training Platform to Create a Catalog of 250 Skill-Oriented Courses

IBL News | New York created a web catalog of 250 job-skills oriented courses from edX, Coursera, Skillshare, SkillSuccess, Udacity, and GoSkills, after partnering with these learning platforms.

The initiative responds to the need for job seekers to find opportunities in the COVID-19 economy through better education and training.

These courses can be found by ZipRecruiter’s U.S. users when they create or update their job profile.

In recent years, ZipRecruiter developed other employment-discovery-related features like a scoring system that informs whether anyone is a good match for a given job, and an “Am I Qualified?” button which helps job seekers identify key skills they would need to qualify.

“There are hundreds of thousands of currently open jobs that require expertise in only one key skill or software tool,” said ZipRecruiter CEO, Ian Siegel.

“edX is excited to work with ZipRecruiter to help job seekers gain the relevant skills they need to remain competitive in today’s workplace,” explained edX CEO and MIT Professor, Anant Agarwal.