Educause’s 2021 ‘IT Issues Report’ Will Elaborate on Three Scenarios

IBL News | New York

Educause said during its 2020 annual conference—virtually developed this week– that the “Top IT Issues 2021: Emerging From the Pandemic” report will project this year different scenarios due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.

This research project—to be fully released in early November—falls into the following three possible post-pandemic scenarios for colleges and universities:

  • Restored: a focus on survival,
  • Evolved: a focus on “adapting to the new normal”; and
  • Transformed: a focus on taking “an active role” in innovating its approach to higher education.

Susan Grajek
, Vice-President of Communities and Research, wondered whether “the pandemic would prove to be higher education’s extinction event, or would our ecosystem emerge stronger and fitter for the future, or both might be true.”