Online Learning | April 2021: Universities Mandating Vaccination, Soros, Unizin, IBM, Bank of America, Lego…

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APRIL 2021 –  NEWSLETTER #42  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español


Universities and Vaccination

• A University in Virginia Requires Full Vaccination to Its Staff by May 31

• Duke and Boston Universities Will Mandate Vaccination this Fall Amid Students’ Consent

• Notre Dame, First Christian University to Require Mandatory Vaccination for All Students

• Cornell and Several More Universities Will Require Students to Be Vaccinated

• Rutgers University Will Require All Students to Be Vaccinated for the Fall Semester


Higher Ed

• Soros Pledges $500 Million to Bard College in New York, One of the Founders of His University Arm

• Unizin Makes Its Analytics Platform Available through Google Cloud to All Universities

• Higher Ed Sees an Increased Number of Malware Attacks Demanding Payment



• Google Expands its Search Tools into Math and Science Homework Problems

• The NCC and Google Will Train State Lawmakers on Cybersecurity Attacks



• Getty Images Says that It Won’t Close Its Acquired Unsplash Free Images Platform

• IBM Expands its Ecosystem of Open-Source Developers Combating Climate Change

• Bank of America Uses VR Headsets on Employees’ Instruction Programs

• LEGO Announces a Playful, Hands-On Learning Program for Educators


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