LEGO Announces a Playful, Hands-On Learning Program for Educators

IBL News | New York

LEGO announced this week its Education Professional Development program that enables teachers to choose STEM, hands-on, playful courses for their classrooms.

Built on competency-based learning, this free program is modular and contains four categories: Pedagogy, STEAM Concepts, 21st Century Skills, and Classroom Management.

It includes two kinds of self-guided modules: Learning Bursts for quick and focused skills practice and Learning Quests for deeper competency development. Teaching can be developed in-person, remote, and virtual classrooms.

LEGO Education has been working with seasoned classroom practitioners at Tufts University Center for Engineering Education Outreach (CEEO) to ensure the program was designed for the needs of educators.

“When teachers are truly confident in playful hands-on learning, they deliver more motivating, engaging, and joyful learning experiences,” said Esben Stærk, president of LEGO Education.