Open edX | July 2018 Newsletter : Harvard’s LabXchange, Hawthorn, SUNY Buffalo, IBM…

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Harvard’s LabXchange will re-engineer the Open edX platform to allow instructors to remix content

EdX engineers are building a transferrable student records tool

A new XBlock to award badges after an assessment in the course

• EdX creates “Hawthorn Day” to get feedback before releasing its latest code

The Open edX hawthorn version takes Its final steps before delivery

• Installing and deploying an Open edX instance: A view from the developer and author McDaniel


SUNY Buffalo pilots VR integration on the Open edX platform

Corporations create online institutes to educate external audiences

• IBM’s Cognitive Class Open edX platform explains how it scaled to 1M users

• An edX survey finds a strong appetite for career shifts

University governance favors the standardization of online programs


Behind the Freshman Year for Free program, with +60,000 learners (Podcast)

• UQx builds tools to expand social polling and collaboration in Open edX

• A free MIT summer online program on STEM courses for high schoolers

• Another self-managed solution with Open edX


• MIT’s Supply Chain MicroMaster program on edX achieves a successful result

HarvardX launches three new CS50 Courses, with Prof. Malan as a lead instructor

IBM Launches on edX a course about how to build chatbots and make money with them

A new edition of HarvardX’s “Science & Cooking” course on with more top chefs

UC Berkeley launches a blockchain fundamentals program on

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