IBM Launches on edX a Course About How to Build Chatbots and Make Money with Them

IBM has launched its first open course on, “How to Build Chatbots and Make Money”.

This 2 week course, with a 2-4 hour per week commitment per week, comes with a marketing promotion: one year of Watson Assistant services to power 10 chatbots at no charge. It requires to sign up for a free IBM Cloud account.

Taught by Antonio Cangiano, software developer and technical evangelist at IBM, this five module course instructs on how to build, analyze, deploy, and monetize chatbots. In the third module, the instructor introduces Watson assistant.

These chatbots can be deployed on WordPress sites.

This course on edX is part of the IBM’s Cognitive initiative, based on providing data science and cognitive computer courses as a way to promote its IBM Cloud and Watson services.

On Open edX, IBM strategy consists of building a multi-site network. IBM managers, Leon Katsnelson, Rav Ahuja and Luiz Aoqui, elaborated on that in a talk during the 2018 Open edX Conference in Montreal. [Slides, Video]