A Free MIT Summer Online Program on STEM Courses for High Schoolers

The MIT Open Learning division has put together a summer program intended for high school students interested in STEM courses.

This program includes self-paced, free online courses from MITx on edX, as well as course materials from MIT Open Courseware (or OCW), on biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science and physics.

It corresponds to classes taken by many first-year, on-campus students at MIT, including similar assignments and tests.

“In fact, MIT students can get credit for some of these classes by passing an on-campus exam before the semester begins, and professors who teach these classes on campus recommend these online courses and course materials as good ways to prepare, or brush up, for the exam,” explains MIT.

These are the courses:


MITx – 7.00x Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life
OCW – 7.01SC Fundamentals of Biology
OCW – 7.013 Introductory Biology
OCW – 7.016 Introductory Biology