Learning At Scale | July 2020: Trump Vs Colleges, Microsoft, Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, Intel…

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JULY 2020  –  NEWSLETTER #35  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español


Trump vs Colleges

• “Virtual Learning Has Proven to Be Terrible,” Says President Trump Contradicting DeVos

• UC and Other Institutions Join Harvard and MIT Against the Trump Administration Over the International Student Ban

• The Ban to Foreign Students to Stay for Online Classes Sparks Confusion in Higher Ed

• Harvard and Princeton Will Deliver Their Classes Online This Fall; Backlash for Keeping Full Tuition



• Microsoft Will Offer Free Learning Paths for Digital Jobs In-Demand to 25 Million Facing Unemployment

• Intel Launches an Associate Degree Program on AI with the Largest Community College

• WeWork Sells Its Boot Camp Flatiron School to an Investment Firm



• The University of California Paid Over $1 Million to Cybercriminals Who Stole Sensitive Data

• The Catholic Polytechnic University Will Start The Fall With Two Certificate Courses

• The Wealthiest African-American in the U.S. Presents an Alternative Finance Initiative for Black Colleges

2020 Top 50 Business Schools Ranking, According to Study.com



• Report: Nearly 260 Million Children Are Still Excluded from Education; Pandemic Exacerbates the Breach

• The Global Pandemic Accelerates the Inequalities in Education; 1.1 Billion Children Still Out of School


2020 Events 

• Education Calendar  –   JULY – DEC  |  Conferences in Latin America & Spain


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