Open edX | June 2018 : AMI, 2018 Conference…

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Prof. Lorena Barba implemented an effective flipped learning experience with Jupyter

• IBL Education launched a free, easy-to-handle, production-ready version of Open edX, available on AWS’ AMI marketplace

Big Blue Button improved its integration on the Open edX platform



A successful Open edX conference in Montréal. The most interesting tweets

Agarwal: We expect to triple our global reach to 100M learners in 2022

• Videos and slides of the 2018 Open edX Conference

Zvi Galil shared insights on Georgia Tech’s online CS Master’s (Video Talk)

“MOOCs are not addressing the problems of education,” said Columbia’s researcher Fiona Hollands

• Jupyter-based courses in Open edX: Authoring and Grading with notebooks



Microsoft has developed 180+ courses on, with 2.6M learners

Jeb Bush advocated at CNBC the Open edX-based ‘Freshman Year For Free Program’

• Duke encouraged its community to use Open edX for internal training

• McKinsey Academy refocused his course offering targeting pre-IPO companies



Harvard University will launch LabXchange, an Open edX Virtual Lab platform for biology students

Michigan Online, a new one-stop portal for all of the MOOCs of U-M

edX formulated its vision for adaptive learning

• A million dollars may be the price tag to deploy and maintain an Open edX platform, said a provider


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