Open edX | September 2018: MIT, Anant Agarwal, TU Delft, United Nations…

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• Global Knowledge launches a new hybrid format on its Open edX platform

• FUN Open edX platform’s revenue streams to achieve financial sustainability



• edX recommends upgrading its Open edX platform to Hawthorn.2

• Overseas freelancers offer to install basic Open edX for $160

• Opinion: Jupyter is a surprisingly powerful teaching tool which works well with Open edX



• TU Delft reaches the two million learners milestone

• MIT’s introductory course about computer science on edX reaches 1.2M online learners

• United Nation’s sustainable development courses on

• The 2018 best edX instructors



• Anant Agarwal wins the Yidan Prize for his work with the edX platform

• Anant Agarwal’s column: How MOOCs help the skills transformation issue


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