FUN Open edX Platform’s Revenue Streams to Achieve Financial Sustainability

With over 1.4 million users and 426 MOOCs from 112 different institutions, France Université Numerique (FUN) Open edX-based platform is an example of how to achieve a financial sustainability. has detailed FUN’s five revenue streams:

  1. Public Funding. As an initiative of the French Ministry of Higher Education, FUN receives from the Government half of its €2.5 million annual budget every year.
  2. Fees from members and non-members. Similar to consortium, academic and non-profit organizations pay €4,500 for the first edition of the course, with a discount of 20 % for subsequent runs.
  3. Licensing of content through different platforms, such as FUN Campus (15 universities and 50 courses) and FUN Corporate. Both charge fee for the use of the courses and for access to user data.
  4. White label platforms and private courses through branded platforms for professional associations, government agencies, national governments and even universities (i.e. in Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire). Other examples are a platform for French public servants, professional training in Luxembourg, and the nuclear power industry.
  5. User fees. Some courses charge a small fee to students who wish to earn a certificate.