edX Recommends Upgrading its Open edX Platform to Hawthorn.2

edX engineers released this week a new release of Hawthorn, Hawthorn.2.

This new version of the Open edX platform includes “a few changes and security fixes”, according to Ned Batchelder, an edX architect.

“If you are running Hawthorn, we recommend updating to open-release/hawthorn.2,” he added.

These are the commits in hawthorn.2 since hawthorn.1:
—- ./edx-platform —-

 58d2ac8c92 2018-09-10 (tag: open-release/hawthorn.2, origin/open-release/hawthorn.master, open-release/hawthorn.master) Edit test value to be valid URL format Farhanah Sheets
 24f6faf5d8 2018-09-10 Bump RecommenderXBlock version Farhanah Sheets
 55a3d659ae 2018-09-07 Merge pull request #18901 from edx/pwnage101/cherry-pick-un-deletion-mgmt-command-gdpr-plat-2308 Ned Batchelder
 1a66c1542d 2018-09-06 undo a hand-modification performed as part of a previous cherry-pick Troy Sankey
 313be9b2ab 2018-07-30 Mgmt command to cancel user retirement request. John Eskew
 715b8d31ac 2018-07-18 Adding user_api call to get retirements by date range and current state bmedx
 99a0c368e5 2018-07-13 PLAT-2186 – allow retirement states to be forced by driver script bmedx
 32965363db 2018-07-10 PLAT-2217 – fix partner reporting queue 500 errors, reduce log spam bmedx
 6090357434 2018-09-06 Merge pull request #18892 from edx/pwnage101/cherry-pick-duplicate-username-prevention-gdpr Ned Batchelder
 e524783585 2018-08-20 Update bulk_rehash_retired_usernames bmedx
 c89d08c9cf 2018-08-14 Fix failures due to creating users during initial migrations bmedx
 82d10a0bcc 2018-08-08 Upgrade user-util to 0.1.5 bmedx
 73885529fd 2018-08-10 Stop acct creation from using usernames still in the retirement queue bmedx
 f9fb87d0de 2018-08-08 Update retirement to handle multiple UserRetirementStatus rows returned bmedx
 d6ea0e2cc0 2018-08-10 Add forums renaming to bulk username rehash command bmedx
 1107961895 2018-08-08 Bulk rehashing of retired usernames bmedx
 f81015d052 2018-09-05 Merge pull request #18893 from edx/fsheets/hawthorn-cherrypick Ned Batchelder
 fbf905c161 2018-08-22 Update recommender-xblock version Farhanah Sheets
 5f7e32da8d 2018-08-22 Merge pull request #18820 from edx/mroytman/remove-edit-image-modal-waffle-flag Ned Batchelder
 7447baed62 2018-08-16 remove enable_edit_image_modal waffle flag Michael Roytman
—- ./cs_comments_service —-
 1ad615b 2018-09-05 (HEAD -> open-release/hawthorn.master, tag: open-release/hawthorn.2, origin/open-release/hawthorn.master) NewRelic as optional dependency Beltran Rueda