Learning At Scale | May 2019: Creative Commons, Docker, Coursera, Pluralsight…

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Creative Commons developed a new Search engine which allows users to find and use 300 million open licensed images.

• Docker created a foundation to educate minority engineers.

The Horizon Report for 2019 examined what past predictions got wrong, and gamification in education is one of them.



A 10-year contract means signing away your digital future, said an Extension Engine manager.

“Be careful when you hire an OPM: Outsourcing your virtual future is a bad idea”, writes Robert Ubell.



Knewton, who raised $180m in total funding to promote its adaptive learning technology, sold its assets to Wiley for an undisclosed amount.

McGraw-Hill and Cengage, two of the country’s three biggest textbook publishers, announced that they would merge.

Credly raised $11.1 million in new funding. This digital credentials company acquired Acclaim from Pearson last year.



Arizona State University (ASU) is adopting an AI-powered calculus learning platform created by two math professors at Stevens.

The Unizin consortium added Rutgers and Miami universities, along with two vendors, Examity and Kaltura.

Georgia Tech disclosed a data breach that could have exposed the personal information of 1.3 million people.

“At the end of the day, we reflect the voice of the learner”, says edX’s CEO.



• SEEK Australian Marketplace acquired 50% of FutureLearn for $64M.

• Coursera raised an additional $103 million placing itself closer to an IPO.

Pluralsight made its first acquisition since it went public in May 2018. It bought GitPrime, a code repository platform, for $170 million in cash.

Austin-based training platform A Cloud Guru raised $33 million to expand its content library and hire more instructors, engineers, and staff.



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