Open edX Issues Ironwood.2, a New Release of Its Platform

Paul G. John | IBL News

edX engineers have released an update on the new Ironwood version of the platform, implementing changes into the ironwood branch on GitHub.

The new release is called ironwood.2, and it is located at open-release/ironwood.2. 

These changes since ironwood.1 include:

  • Reverting and feature-flagging of “honor code not eligible for certificate”
  • A handful of security fixes
  • Small changes to bring the default installation into compliance with edX trademark policy

Open edX Ironwood was issued March 21. This version is the ninth release of the Open edX platform and includes improvements over the former Hawthorn.2 version.

One of the most notorious improvements involved the login process into Studio –by redirecting the user to the LMS to log in, and then redirecting back to Studio.

Another remarkable feature was called “Public Course Content”, which allowed users to access materials and components without registration or enrollment.