Open edX | May 2018: Jupyter Notebooks, Harvard, Microsoft, edX Inc…

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• edX released the Hawthorn beta version of the Open edX platform

• GW and IBL open-sourced an XBlock to add graded problems based on Jupyter Notebooks

 An Open edX XBlock to load content from a Jupyter Notebook

• Harvard and Microsoft test adaptive learning for the Open edX platform


• These are some of the of most innovative sessions at the 2018 Open edX Conference

• Exponential growth on adoption of Open edX websites and courses

• “The growth of Open edX is strong, multi-vectored, and accelerating,” says author and edX engineer John Mark Walker

• edX’s code is 90 % open source and 10 % proprietary

• The Open edX Platform will adapt this month to European Data Protection Regulation

• MOOCs become a big business


• Microsoft launched on an ethics course for artificial intelligence developers, Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics.

• Producing one hour of learning content requires over 100 hours and costs $18K

• Redis Labs launched an introductory course on an Open edX platform

edX Inc.

• will offer fewer courses for free

• Two Colombian universities join edX – edX revenues & expenses

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