Producing One Hour of Learning Content Requires Over 100 Hours and Costs $18K

Racoon Gang, an Ukraine-based Open edX provider, has collected on a blog post several insights regarding the cost of creating an online course. This is a summary:

    • study by Karl Kapp and Robyn Defelice (Kapp is the author of bestselling “The Gamification of eLearning and Instruction”) demonstrates the timeframes for producing one hour of distance learning materials and shows that it takes 90-240 hours on average. Another research by Chapman Alliance conducted back in 2010 states that one hour of e-learning costs around $10,000 to produce.


    • Hourly rates vary depending upon the team selection — composing the team on Upwork,, hiring a contractor’s team to produce the content or working with individual experts.


    • Based on Racoon Gang’s research, one hour of e-learning content takes 100-160 hours to produce, and it costs $8,880-$28,640 ($18,760 on average) to produce.