Two Colombian Universities Join edX – edX Revenues & Expenses

The edX Inc nonprofit organization has attracted The University of Rosario in Colombia to its consortium of universities. The first offering from this university will be a Spanish-language Professional Certificate program, Software Design for Organizational Decision-Making, which is currently open for enrollment.

Also, during this month of May, another Colombian institution, the Javeriana University, renewed its agreement with edX Inc. 2021.


Getting prominent universities is part of edX’s mission, as well as an important source of revenue. In 2016 membership dues provided $6.5 million, while certificates generated $12.8 million.

However, in terms of total revenues, contributions and grants – with $23.8 million – were the most relevant chapter. In the same year, the total revenue of edX Inc. was $42.8 million, while expenses reached $46 million.

In salaries, compensation, and employee benefits, the expenses were $24.3 million, with the first executive, CEO Anant Agarwal, making $715,000 that year.

PDF Document: Tax return document files by edX Inc.