Key Reports and Resources on Gen AI (Collected by IBL’s Editor-in-Chief)

IBL News | New York

• Stanford University: Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2024 – Education | News Story at IBL News

• JPMorgan Chase: CEO’s letter to Shareholders

OpenAI Cookbook with Example Code and Guides for Using Its API

Coursera: The Business Leader’s Playbook to Generative AI Skills Training

AI for Education: GenAI Chatbot Prompt Library for Educators

GWU: Guidelines for Using Generative Artificial Intelligence at the George Washington University April 2024

• ASU: Online AI Tools | Assessment Question Generator

• ELAI: Resources of Interest

• Auburn University: Teaching with AI course. Fully online and self-paced. Currently used at 40+ institutions.

• University of Florida: Ai Prompt Cookbook to Enhance Teaching and Learning

• Complete College America: A Compendium of Practical Applications for Generative AI in Higher Education

• Google: 10-Step Guide to Getting Started With Generative AI

• Google for Education: On-Demand Webinars & Distance Learning Series

• SUNY: AI Research

• UK Parliament: Use of AI in Education Delivery and Assessment

McKinsey: The economic potential of generative AI: The next productivity frontier

OpenAI: Tools, Guides, and Courses on Generative AI Around the Web