Microsoft Issued a Redesigned Copilot with Image Creation Capabilities

IBL News | New York

Microsoft issued this week an update to its Copilot chatbot with further image creation capabilities and a new GPT 4-based model, Deucalion. It also released new apps on iOS and Android.

The launch was coincident with a Super Bowl ad (see below). It also marked one year since the entry of Microsoft into the consumer AI sphere with Bing Chat.

Powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 3, the new Copilot comes with a cleaner, sleeker look UI with a cleaner look, more white space, less text, and a visual carousel of cards.

In addition, it includes Microsoft Designer, which allows users to customize the generated images right inside Copilot without leaving the chat.

Images can be regenerated between square and landscape, resized, or enhanced with color, blurred background, and different effects like pixel art, resize and regenerate images without leaving chat.

Microsoft announced that it will soon roll out a Designer GPT inside Copilot.

Here are images of the old Bing Chat and the new Microsoft Copilot design, one after another.