The OLC Conference Awarded Twelve Educators for Innovation in Online Learning

IBL News | Orlando, Florida

The OLC (Online Learning Consortium) awarded twelve instructors for their contributions and leadership in distance education during its annual conference, which took place in a Walt Disney resort in Orlando, Florida, this week.

The event gathered around 1,100 attendants, most of them practitioners in online learning. The 2022 OLC Excellence Award Winners received their recognition for reflecting “leadership, change-making, and the advancement of exemplary practices in online, blended, and digital learning,” according to the organization.

These are the awards recipients:

• Excellence in Faculty Development:
Reed Dickson, Pima Community College

• Excellence in Instructional and Teaching Practice:
Rene Corbeil and Maria Elena Corbeil, from the University of Texas Rio Grande
Mark Gale, Letitia Bergantz, and Joy Oettel, from Athen State University

Gomary-Mayadas Award for Excellence in Online Educational Leadership:
Matthew Pittman, from Ivy Tech Community College

John R. Bourne Award for Excellence in Online Programs and Programming:
Mara Huber and Christina Heath, from University at Buffalo

In addition, the OLC organization honored the 2022 Class of Fellows Awards. “They show an outstanding qualification, experience, contributions, and leadership in online learning,” said Mary Niemiec, Member Board Of Directors. “These experts are leading the way in online learning,” added Jenniffer Mathes, CEO at OLC.

Terry Anderson, Professor Emeritus at Athabasca University
Luke Dowden, Chief Online Learning Officer at Alamo Colleges District
Kate Jordahl, Professor at Foothill College

The conference, highly praised by the attendants, featured the expert in digital engagement, Dr. Josie Ahlquist as the keynote speaker.

She encouraged educators to “engage authentically” and “foster belonging” when building “interactive and impactful communities”. “Digital community leaders are critical hope builders,” she stated. “Isolation is an enemy of hope; community is an ally of hope.”